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Inpatient and Outpatient
Psychiatric Services
These include treatment of various psychiatric ailments such as bipolar affective disorder (BAD), schizophrenia, depression, seizure disorder and its complications, manic episodes, drug addiction problems, anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and suicide.....
Psychological Services
We offer a wide range of psychological services by experienced psychologists including individual psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, assertiveness training, behavioral therapy and insight oriented therapy
Counselling & Support Groups
Counselling involves steps on moving forward after a psychiatric illness, reintegration back into society, management of stigma and educating both the individual and family members. Support groups are encouraged in our facility especially for conditions which require long term care. Caregivers and patients are able to interact and learn from other people in similar circumstances.
Management Of Behavioural Problems
ehavioral problems can manifest in childhood, adulthood and in old age. A few of those we manage include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Conduct Disorder, complications resulting from brain injury either during pregnancy, delivery or in early childhood and dementia
General Medical Services
These comprise of common health issues managed by a general practitioner such as diabetes, hypertension, urinary and respiratory tract infection, malaria, peptic ulcer, asthma, pelvic inflammatory disease and other infections
Laboratory Services
We ensure prompt and reliable baseline and follow up in registrations such as hematological tests, blood chemistry and urine test including urine drug toxicology screening..
NO. We also offer general medical care and run a fully operational laboratory, capable of carrying out most generally required medical testing.

Yes. As you may know you can not place a price-tag on good health. However, we are aware of the present financial situation within the country, hence, we strive to make available exceptional and affordable healthcare services to every Nigerian.

Accessible, Highly Secure & Serene Environment Professional Medical Personnel.
Good Customer Service.
Well Equipped Laboratory.
Inhouse Pharmacy.
24/7 Power Supply.
Comfortable Private and General Ward.
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Prices depend on a particular patience’s situation and no two cases are the same. However, if you require prices i.e. for laboratory test etc. kindly make an enquiry by contacting us.