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Personalized mental care for the best you.

Personalized mental care for the best you.

We are a unique specialist hospital established to cater to the general medical and psychiatric needs of people

Absolutely true! We help people live a richer life.

Welcome to Happy Family Hospital, an organization with many years of experience in taking a different and more holistic approach to aiding recovery from “mental health problems”.

We are just a call away! You can reach out to us via our appointment form below this page or via our contact page. Waiting for you on the other side.

Meet our director

Dr. Charlotte Nwigwe is an MBBS degree holder from the University of Benin and a fellow of the National Postgraduate Medical College in Psychiatry.

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General adult psychiatry

Individuals with a sudden or gradual change in thoughts or feelings which may lead to a behavior manifestation are seen here for evaluation and appropriate management.

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Do you know anyone with mental health issues? We understand how sad and stressful that can be. Stress no more, we are just a call away!


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