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Forensic psychiatry

Issues relating to human rights and the law in which the capacity or competence of the individual needs to be accessed are addressed here. Issues related to competence to make a will, fitness to plead, and stand trial amongst many others are addressed here.

Child and adolescents

Children and adolescents are also susceptible to a range of mental health challenges such as anxiety, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder amongst many others. We create a therapeutic alliance with the client during which emotional issues are teased out and adequately addressed.

Substance/addiction psychiatry

The use of various psychoactive substances such as cannabis, alcohol, crack cocaine amongst others subsequently leads to behavioral and psychological changes.

We provide comprehensive, world-class, evidence-based, and holistic drug treatment including but not limited to detoxification, medical treatment, follow-up, counseling, psychotherapy, etc.

Our programs are client-specific in an intensively therapeutic and highly supportive environment.

Psychological services

We offer are a range of psychological services by experienced clinical psychologists including individual psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, assertiveness therapy, insight-oriented therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, and stress management.

General adult psychiatry

Individuals with a sudden or gradual change in thoughts or feelings which may lead to a behavior manifestation are seen here for evaluation and appropriate management. Some of the mental health challenges could include personality disorder, anxiety, depressive disorder, or schizophrenic illness. We use the biopsychosocial line of management to provide adequate support and care for the clients.

Employee Assisted Programme (EAP)

HFH’s Employee Assistance Program is a service that supports employees to resolve their personal and or work-related problems, thus enhancing their job performance as well as improving their health and emotional well-being.



Frequently Asked Questions

We also offer general medical care and run a fully operational laboratory, capable of carrying out most generally required medical testing.

Yes. As you may know, you cannot place a price tag on good health. However, we are aware of the present financial situation within the country, hence, we strive to make available exceptional and affordable healthcare services to every Nigerian.

Accessible, Highly Secure & Serene Environment Professional Medical Personnel.
Good Customer Service.
Equipped Laboratory.
Inhouse Pharmacy.
24/7 Power Supply.
Comfortable Private and General Ward.

Prices depend on a particular patient’s situation and no two cases are the same. However, if you require prices i.e. for laboratory tests etc. kindly make an inquiry by contacting us.